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Archive for December 27, 2011


Winston Churchill is famous for stating, “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!” But, I beg to differ with this piece of wisdom. Whilst it is important never to give up those things we feel are important; it is proper to give up worries, concerns, bad habits, and feelings of hurt, sadness & anger. And, one should ALWAYS give into Joy and Delight…especially when it stems from love. Giving up those things that no longer serve us will bring more joy into our lives.


AKOrobkoJoyJoy…expressed with a smile and felt in the heart. It is an elusive feeling for many, but why? Joy is a CHOICE! That’s right! It is a choice. How? you ask. Look at your current situation. How do you feel about it? Why do you feel that way? Can you see other ways of looking at your situation? Do you see opportunities for joy in it? For example, if you lost your current job, which for many, heck for most, can be devastating…but for those who choose to see joy in any situation sees an opportunity to finally look for a career for which they really love. Do you see how joy can work its way into your life if you so choose. It is my desire that you do. With joy, may you be blessed!

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