a tickle of words to create smiles


AKOrobkoJoyJoy…expressed with a smile and felt in the heart. It is an elusive feeling for many, but why? Joy is a CHOICE! That’s right! It is a choice. How? you ask. Look at your current situation. How do you feel about it? Why do you feel that way? Can you see other ways of looking at your situation? Do you see opportunities for joy in it? For example, if you lost your current job, which for many, heck for most, can be devastating…but for those who choose to see joy in any situation sees an opportunity to finally look for a career for which they really love. Do you see how joy can work its way into your life if you so choose. It is my desire that you do. With joy, may you be blessed!

Comments on: "Joy!" (2)

  1. First of all Angela you look fabulous, been a very long time since I saw you 1984. Maybe. I get joy from the lord of lords Jesus Christ. My happiness,& peace is result of the mercies,& grace he bestows on me. Bliss comes from the blessings & love he gives to me so freely.

    • Yes! The lord Jesus Christ is the source of joy and blessings for those who choose it. Thank you for sharing this precious truth, Derrick. (And thank you so much on the compliment of looking fabulous; choosing joy and love does wonders for the mind, body, heart and soul). God bless you and all your beloved. ♥

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