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Archive for January 5, 2012



Art. What is ART to me? Art is an expression of creativity that may or may not convey meaning that involves any media the artist chooses. I love to create art as a way to work out feelings and emotions. I also love to experiment with various tools and materials to see what will happen. It can be so meditative. Sometimes when I play with my materials I will find a part of an art-piece that I really love and other parts of it that did not work.

Then I start thinking about making a collage. I will cut it up and use only the parts of it that I really love. I suppose that is similar to writing. We can pour out words onto a page and allow the flow without too much thinking or editing. Then we can go back and use those parts that really convey what we wish to express; those parts that we love! Art TRULY is whatever you create! Create with joy! (Virtual hug.)

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