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Courage is related to feelings of the heart as it is our ability to face or confront our fears, our pains, dangers, uncertainties and intimidation. When we have the heart to face our fears and pains, we are building confidence and our ability to love. Love takes courage.

Most often it takes courage to let go of someone we love especially when our loved one is tired of fighting a debilitating disease such as cancer. It takes a tremendous amount of love and courage to let them go. God bless everyone in this position. God, please gives us the courage to let go. God please give us the courage to celebrate their lives. Amen.

Comments on: "Courage" (4)

  1. I like your outlook in life. 😉

  2. I am fascinated by the fact that you drew your heart in green and in pink…. both colours of the heart chakra… I use green, and it is most common, but there is also pink…. Did you do that on purpose…or are you being … divinely guided? 😉 Gotta love it! so great.

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