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Transformation is traditionally defined as a marked change, as in appearance or character usually for the better. Transformation to me is more than just change positive or otherwise. It is a completely new form of yourself (reinvented or recreated), where you cannot go back because of new awareness. It is like waking up for the first time someplace different and never being able to go back. New experiences and new information has changed your outlook and perspective. Transformation involves your spirit, your heart and soul. You can no longer can look at something the same way again because of this new awareness and knowledge.

Most of the time this can be for the good; but, sometimes it can be negative. I am not going to dwell on the negative.  When you discover something new about yourself or someone else or something else,  you come to expect it. For example, I discovered that I a new way of combining digital art with art made on paper. This awareness has transformed the way I do art. Will I go back to just scanning in my little water colors without added things? Most likely, not. Embrace transformations, as it expands you!

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  1. coleenfranks said:

    Hi Angela, Good post, I hope for 2012 to be a year of transformation for me as I minimize in many areas to have more in others, like more time for art. I’m from the “magical” group on Yahoo with Tracy and I’ve come to follow you here. Hope you’ll come check out my blogs too. I love the topics you are writing on. Joy is one of my favorites. Here’s my two sites:
    artsy: http://www.vintageterrace2.blogspot.com
    missions: http://www.franksukraine.blogspot.com

    Blessings, Coleen, an American artist in Ukraine

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