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Courage is related to feelings of the heart as it is our ability to face or confront our fears, our pains, dangers, uncertainties and intimidation. When we have the heart to face our fears and pains, we are building confidence and our ability to love. Love takes courage.

Most often it takes courage to let go of someone we love especially when our loved one is tired of fighting a debilitating disease such as cancer. It takes a tremendous amount of love and courage to let them go. God bless everyone in this position. God, please gives us the courage to let go. God please give us the courage to celebrate their lives. Amen.


Creativity is the state of mind or an innate ability to produce something new or novel by using the imagination. According to some sources, creativity is a term that generally refers to a richness of ideas and originality of thinking. Psychological studies of highly creative people have shown that many have a strong interest in apparent disorder, contradiction, and imbalance, which seem to be perceived as challenges. Such people may have an exceptionally deep, broad, and flexible awareness of themselves. (Don’t we know).

Creatives are those individuals (such as us) who invent new technologies, define new techniques, make art, establish new ideas, scribe stories, and so much more. Creatives have the ability to look at things differently, from different angles and perspectives. Creatives indulge in brainstorming ideas and usually follow-up on them unless they get distracted. I tend to get distracted from one project to the next. I love to paint, write, draw, ponder and think. I like to look at things upside down and sideways to see if I see anything new or different.

I like to approach challenges indirectly. Often if you approach a challenge by creating an environment where the challenge is no longer an issue; then you ultimately solved it. One cannot get angry if you eliminate the need for it by creating a lighthearted environment. One will no longer need his or her coat if the climate gets warm. One does not need to yell if it is there is no noise to yell over. See how you can solve challenges from this perspective. It is a creative approach to solving “problems”, which are really opportunities for positive changes.

First experiences profoundly contribute to creativity and one of the reasons why children can be so imaginative and creative. Kudos to all of you who have been able to recapture your childhood creativity and imagination. The more different first experiences we have the more creativity we develop. Exercise stimulates creativity as well. Physical activity provides more oxygen to the entire body including the brain. This stimulates activity in the brain and enliven one’s imagination. Also, physical activity promotes energy in the body. When you are energized you are more apt to think more clearly and more creatively.

Having fun and doing so-called ridiculous things can stimulate your imagination. I believe joy has a large role in evolving one’s creativity. When you are having fun, you are going to try new things and be able to see things in different ways which enhances creativity. Creativity needs fuel from various sources such as exquisite self-care, physical activity, learning new things, having fun and most importantly connecting with your inner self , others and your environment. Creativity enriches our lives and deserves our attention and appreciation. I love being creative. Creativity is becoming more valued commodity in our population. I say it is about time!


Time is a fleeting thing. It flows from the future to the present and into the past in an instant moment. Time is one of the most precious commodities, resources and gifts we have to give and to share with ourselves and others. What I find somewhat tragic is those periods of time in which I do not know where time went. It was not memorable; it was ill-spent on a trivial matter or worry. The best moments are those that make a deep impression upon our minds. I find it is those moments where my mind is totally undivided and filled with intense focus or profound emotions. 

Time has a way of being fast or slow in my mind depending on the event. It seems like some anticipated events in our life would never get here, yet as we get closer and closer to the time of the event, the time flees in a wink of an eye. I find when I have a deadline, time goes by so fast as I get closer and closer to it. Please tell me why time seems to go by so slow when I am waiting in a doctor’s office reception area or when I am in a dentist’s chair getting my teeth examined or when I am engaged in intense exercise where I need to do something for a certain amount of time.

I guess it is all a matter of perspective. When I am in a joyous frame of mind doing something I really enjoy, like painting or reading, time goes by quickly. I am so totally into the activity that I do not have the sense of time. I am not paying attention to time. That’s it. I am not attentive to the time, therefore it passes by.

Savoring the moment with our loved ones should equally be memorable. To attend to them and really focus on their presence, attentively listening is really important. It is one of the most loving gestures we can do for our loved ones, friends and family. Actually, would it not be nice to do that for people we do not know? Our world would be so much better particularly in our immediate communities, if we simply give everyone we interact with our time. Let it not be divided with thoughts and technology (mobile phones and tablets). Some of my best experiences are when I go out and run errands where I engage in meaningful conversations with other people in the store, in the check line and with store attendants. Everyone is truly a potential friend. It is within our power to make someone’s day (or the flip of that). I prefer to make someone’s day.

Marking those times in our life with being attentive to the moment makes it memorable. How do we mark it? We make it memorable by focusing on the people who are with us at that time and by focusing on what we are doing. We take notice of what we are touching, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling; we take notice with all our senses to mark that moment in time. Time is too valuable to be allowed to fleet away without notice. It is time to notice time. 


Upon thinking about gratitude, attitude came to mind; gratitude is an attitude of appreciation, knowing the worth of another. Gratitude is a positive feeling of indebtedness to another. It is a form of love, loyalty, and giving back; like an I.O.U. Your heart feels a warmth and longing to be of service to whomever or whatever you feel gratitude.

Gratitude is related to being thankful, grateful and appreciative. It is an uplifting emotion where you feel worthy and valued; and, you usually have a feeling of joy where you want to pay a favor in return directly or indirectly for the person you feel gratitude. An attitude of gratitude brings positiveness and higher energy. It is a glow in the heart, a warmth from within that makes one grin.

Dr. Seuss quoted….”Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” How true is that?!

Today I am ME, as you can see; I need to be everything that is ME to set my CREATIVE heart and soul FREE! Whee! Woo-who! Yes! (Angi quote). I am grateful that I can rhyme from time to time. It is an instrument in writing that can be fun to use if used sparingly with reason.

I am grateful for: my health, God, the Universe, my husband and family (including Sasha, my fur-baby). The gratitude in my heart I extend to all those who have touched my life and molded me into who I am today, including the bullies; and most importantly for having Jesus Christ in my life…the example He has led as God in Body…God the Experience…God the Flesh…God the Human Example. He showed us the path and the way to be. 

I have the gratitude attitude for music, creativity, life, transformations, lessons, love, friendship, fellowship, family, education, color, sight, all my senses, my gender, my femininity, my masculinity, my whole being, my outlook and perspective, my vision, my attitude and openness…for everything. Everything is a blessing that deserves to appreciated! Have “Gratitude Attitude”. You will see the positive ways it will change your life. 


Interacting with friends today reminded me of the importance of friendship and camaraderie. Relationships between people are to be valued. Friendships and camaraderie fills my heart with joy and love. I love interacting with people especially those who reciprocate. Friendship can be face-to-face or on-line. The feelings are the same (or at least for me). Although, I have to admit, face-to-face interactions do so much to nurture an interpersonal relationship such as friendship and camaraderie.

Friendship to me is the sharing of time and love with others; and others sharing their love and time with me. Friendship is interacting with others such that positive feelings are experienced by all parties involved. Wikipedia defines friendship as a form of interpersonal relationship generally considered to be closer than association, although there is a range of degrees of intimacy in both friendships and associations. Webster defines friendship as the state of being friends; it is the quality or state of being friends. Okay, that was helpful.

How would one describe a friend, friendship and friendliness (friendly) to a child. Friends are 2 or more people of any age who get along and play together. They support and nurture each other. Sometimes friends cry on each other’s shoulders. Friends do many activities together like talk on the phone, visit together, eat together, exercise together, basically have fun and a good time together. Togetherness is key. Often friends have common backgrounds and have similar interests; but, it is not a prerequisite. Friends may admire the differences in each other.

You may be great at sports and very athletic and your friend may be great at crafting items and planning great parties. Friends can lean on each and learn from each other. Friends often know the right thing to say or do when you are down. Friends generally are good listeners. Occasionally a friend might say the wrong thing (open mouth, insert foot); however, friends are quick to forgive each other. Most of all, your friend cares and loves you. Friendship is a form of love we have for our fellow human beings that is closer association than just recognizing a face. Close friends know each other’s hearts and deeply care about your entire being.

A friend is one that is attached to another by affection or esteem. A friend is a favored companion. Friendship, amity, benevolence, brotherhood, charity, cordiality, fellowship, goodwill, kindliness, kinship, neighborliness are all related words. How can one be a friend? First of all, I believe you need to be open and loving. You need to be able and willing to give of yourself completely to another in the way of time and support. You need to be sincere and genuine with yourself and others. Honesty, trust and faith play a role in friendship. One needs to be truthful!

I believe (most) dogs are great model for demonstrating friendship with their innate friendliness and loyalty. Loyalty is a good quality among friends. Friendship is important between husband and wife / boyfriend and girlfriends. Our friends can define who we are. Birds of a feather, flock together. Your best of friends are there when you are in need. (A friend in need is a friend indeed.)  You may also have fair-weather friends who are there only when things are going well in your life.

I believe friendship deeply depends on what you put into it. We are all connected, so why should we not all be friends? Being nice to one another costs nothing; but, the benefits are fabulous that start with our own hearts. I believe it keeps us positive and uplifted. Love and kindness (and friendship) keeps us in higher energy. When I think about others first, it brings joy to my heart, even more so during those times when I have let go of expecting something in return. I know I am able to be there for my friends and that is all that matters to me. This brings me joy and happiness.


Kindness…love is kind (from 1 Corinthians 13:4). Kindness is being nice to yourself and others by doing deeds that are loving, helpful and compassionate. Kindness is being courteous. Kindness is showing you care. Kindness is being in and experience the moment with the environment and/or others. Kindness is giving your undivided attention during conversations with others (ignore the mobile phone and wristwatch). Kindness is treating others as you would like to be treated. Kindness is… you fill in the blank with whatever comes to your heart. Today is Epiphany, the twelfth night of Christmas…let me wish everyone who celebrates (as I do) a very Merry Christmas. May the love you experienced over the holidays last all year through. Kindness rules! ♥



Art. What is ART to me? Art is an expression of creativity that may or may not convey meaning that involves any media the artist chooses. I love to create art as a way to work out feelings and emotions. I also love to experiment with various tools and materials to see what will happen. It can be so meditative. Sometimes when I play with my materials I will find a part of an art-piece that I really love and other parts of it that did not work.

Then I start thinking about making a collage. I will cut it up and use only the parts of it that I really love. I suppose that is similar to writing. We can pour out words onto a page and allow the flow without too much thinking or editing. Then we can go back and use those parts that really convey what we wish to express; those parts that we love! Art TRULY is whatever you create! Create with joy! (Virtual hug.)

A Hug

A hug is like ice cream or candy for the heart and soul! It is that delicious, warm and loving embrace that displays the affections of another compassionate and caring being. I feel that hugs are best when they are unexpected. Incoming…..surprise hug! Those really make my day!

Hugs do not have to be reserved for other people. You can wrap those lovely arms around yourself as well as others and squeeze! Go ahead. Go on! Do it right now!!! (((BIG HUG!!!))) You have been virtually hugged by me! (Big grin) How did it feel? Virtual hugs feel almost as good as the real thing.

Have you ever spontaneously hugged someone you do not know? I have. Those are the best because there are no expectations attached and because it was unexpected. That is what I call a double blessing. I challenge anyone who reads this blog to hug at least one person they do not know this year. Go on and be a hugger (and not a bugger).  Hugs! 


Wish, wishes, wishing wells, wishing fountains, wishing upon a star, blowing out the candles and making a wish, wishbones are the many ways we express our desires; but, what are wishes? Are they hopes? Are they desires? It is somewhat humorous  how wishes have such a large amount of folklore around them such as Aladdin and the magic lamp with the genie who granted three wishes. I also recall a fairy tale from my childhood of a fish that granted a wish. Also, there are all those fables with the moral, “be careful for which you wish because it may come true.” Many amusing thoughts come to mind, like the joke, “I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener, Poof!” According to many dictionaries, a wish is a desire, longing, or strong inclination for a specific thing.

I truly believe wishes can become reality when we visualize the outcome of our desires and the steps to getting there. I believe if we act as if our wish has come true; then it will. For example, if I wish to be an acclaimed writer, then I simply write as if I am already there. This could be the same for almost any desired outcome, could it not? If you wish to be beautiful and confident, then why not act like you are already beautiful and confident. Chances are extremely good, if you go forth with confidence and carry yourself well with a smile on your face and in your heart, then you will be seen as beautiful. Beauty is more than skin deep and can radiate from your soul; but, that is a whole other blog.

It is good to remember that joy can be defined as wishing all that you already have and celebrating this.


Fun! It is delightful and playful.  We are laughing uncontrollably as we dance vivaciously and energetically to the rhythmic music of our soul. Our hearts are beating to the boom, boom, boom of the sound of our song. Fun is colorful! Fun is festive. Fun is whatever we make of it! Creating fun is fun. Sparkly, bubbly and fanciful fun can be. Especially when it is more than just me. Smile on my face and a grin from grace. Joy and delight with all our might! Fun under the moon and the sun. Fun can and will take place morning, noon and night. Life is too brief to be taken with grief. Give me a smile. Let it stay for a while. Lightheartedness is best when surrounded by mess. The contrast creates more glee because then you can really see the delight of fun, which is joyful and free. Lots of fun for you and me.

Fun can be as simple as picking out something to wear that excites your senses like a bright and colorful scarf, warm woolen socks or a fragrant cologne that tickles your nose. Fun can play a role in each meal that you eat like a fresh-baked bread or a large juicy pear. Fun can be taking a different route to where you need to go. Fun can be turning up the volume on your radio. Fun can be hearing a chirping bird or two. Fun can be in everything you do. Fun is what we make with every turn we take. We can choose fun! Fun can be dancing in the rain, playing in the snow or strolling in the sun. Fun is singing, writing and painting. Fun is playing, cooking and reading. Fun can be dynamic and interactive. Fun can be sitting back and simply relaxing.

Fun is for anyone and everyone under the stars, the moon and the sun. Fun is letting things flow with go; it can be fast or it can be slow. Fun, fun, fun is fun to say. It is a word that likes to play. Fun can be had at home, at school or at work. Fun can be done while shopping, running errands or even doing chores. Fun can be planned into any activity you wish, like raking the leaves, making a bed, or washing a dish. Oh, what fun it is to write when creating a passage with delight! Fun!

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