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A person always has a choice in anything, whether one chooses to see it that way or not. Choice is defined as a thought process of judging the merits, worthiness or quality of multiple options and selecting one of them. Funny thing is that every person always has at least two choices: to act or not to act on any given issue or situation. The challenge lies in seeing the choices when one is feeling stuck. Other challenges with choices include having to make a hasty decision and fear of making a choice because of possible unpleasant outcomes.

How can one work through the challenges surrounding choices? One obvious solution is for a person to choose, select, decide or opt NOT to choose, select, decide or opt at that given moment. A person has the choice to sit with his or her selections in order to weigh his or her options until he or she can make the best choice for his or her situation.

How does a person find more choices? An individual will need to take a broad look and view his or her situation from a different perspective in order to see more choices. It is only then these selections become apparent. Case in point, one is challenged with a new policy at work with which he or she does not agree. Most would see as having no choice.

There are actually multiple choices presented here: 1) comply with the new policy; 2) ignore the policy, apologize and face the consequence; 3) speak with the policy-makers and see if the policy can be amended; 4) seek supporters against the policy and file a petition; 5) seek new employment and resign with a two weeks notice. After stepping away from the issue or challenge where one feels he or she has no choice, many apparent options begin to emerge and present themselves when one uses his or her objective lens.

Sometimes a person just needs to have faith that he or she will be making the right decision. One needs to face his or her fear of the outcome, take the plunge and make a choice. Examining the worst case scenario and deciding that it is not so bad after all can be an excellent way to decide and choose. Now, consider the choices presented here on the topic of choice. The choice is up to the reader. 

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  1. I am the worst person when it comes to making choices. I just can’t make them. I think it’s just part of my nature as a Libra, but I suppose there are a lot of other factors to it as well. I very much liked your analysis – there are a lot of things to think about when making a decision. (edited spelling AKO)

    • If it is any comfort to you, choices are not easy for me (and many others I know) because, just as you stated…”a lot of factors” to consider.Thank you so much for supporting A Kiss Of Bliss with your comment ‘nessa. I deeply appreciate it. ♥ Angi

  2. This was a great post, I needed to read this today for a lot of reasons. I also wanted to tell you that I have given you the One Lovely Blog Award. Please stop by my page to check it out and get all the details. Thank you for always inspiring me and giving me a reason to smile!

    • Thank you so very much Rose. I am glad that my post on Choice filled a need for you. I am tickled for the One Lovely Blog Award! I deeply appreciate the honor. I am also grateful that I inspire you and give you a reason to smile! By the way, I believe in you and think you are a courageous woman! Keep the faith, Rose! ♥ Angi

  3. Nice one here Doc…You really shouldn’t stop with the inspiring pieces…
    Many of us might not come in here to drop comments everyday but do know
    that from the comforts of our mailboxes, we always smile our thanks to you.
    Congrats on winning that award…You deserve many more.

    To be or not be…Hmm. Best wishes, S’

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