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Holiday! What does this really mean? Broken into its two components there is HOLY and DAY, a holy day. For most a holiday surrounds a religious event like the birth of Jesus Christ with Christmas. According to Wikipedia, a Holiday is a day designated as having special significance for which individuals, a government, or a religious group have deemed that observance is warranted. It is generally an official (more common) or unofficial observance of religious, national, or cultural significance, often accompanied by celebrations or festivities. A holiday does not necessarily exclude doing normal work: the relatively minor Jewish holiday of Chanukah has been described as a “working holiday” and those who celebrate a holiday such as Diwali may have to work a normal schedule in countries where it is not a public holiday.

One can take a holiday or go on a holiday, which means taking time to go on vacation or a breakaway from one’s regular work or school schedule. Some holidays, like Christmas, coincide with vacation time like the winter break for schools and universities in the Northern Hemisphere. Thanksgiving is a holiday observed in the United States where most are off from their regularly schedule on the fourth Thursday in the month of November and that Friday following it so it creates a four-day holiday weekend for many.

Yesterday was a “holiday”… St. Valentine’s Day. How many really celebrated it? How did you celebrate it? Would it not be nice to have your own personal holiday? What would that look like? It could be a day devoted  entirely to one’s personal needs and wants. Take a moment and close your eyes; think about all your own personal needs and wants. What do they look, sound, taste, smell and feel like?

For many it could be taking an extra long shower or bubble bath using the most fragrant soaps he or she has. It could be indulging in one’s favorite meal or dessert. It could be taking time to do some arts and crafts, playing a musical instrument, singing or dancing. It can be relaxing in your favorite space, reading that novel you have put aside for summer reading. Why not pretend to have summer day right now, in this very moment. Who says you cannot experience your own personal holiday right at this moment. Take an hour or take a few minutes, and spend that time totally on yourself engaged in an activity, which totally delights every part of you. Consider having a holiday, everyday, even if it is just for a few moments to celebrate  yourself. 

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  1. Like the song by the Bee Gees, You’re a Holiday. I think as a culture many holidays come from pagan rituals in inorder to blend our diversities together, make us easier to control. Then of course there is Kensian economics …. But I digress, your point is well taken, we should celebrate life more often every day if dare …

    • Celebrate everyday! Yes, our life, the life of others and all the abundant and wonderful life of our world, where we can be Love for ourselves and others, as well as to be present in the now. ♥ Thank you for your wonderful insight Grandfather. I deeply appreciate it and you. ♥

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