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Archive for February 19, 2012


Transparency is a word that recently has been used more and more to describe openness, particularly when it comes to people, organizations and ideal governments. Transparency is being translucent/clear, open and honest with yourself and your intentions.  There is no hidden agenda to be found. Everything is clear and honest. All actions and words are genuine and sincere. There is no ambiguity. When people are transparent, then trust and love can develop. Through transparency, ideal communities can be created.

These transparent communities of people with clear missions and openness are the ones that will wonderfully produce positive changes in the world such as world peace, love and abundance with one specific mission at a time. These specific missions can take on many forms, such as, creating a community garden to fill the nutritional needs of the community, producing an exchange site where a community can trade goods among themselves they no longer need or want for things they can use, or creating learning centers where people can exchange ideas in their immediate community.

Eventually, these ideas, as they are met with success, will be used in other communities. Success in one community will fuel successes in other communities as long as the intentions of the communities stay transparent and pure. This, in turn, would lead to world-wide peace, love and abundance. There are so many possibilities where very little resources and/or monies need to be used. All these possibilities simply start with transparent intentions from an individual who then gain the trust of others with similar ideals. Consider transparency; what does it look like for you and your community?

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