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Spontaneity is like throwing caution into the wind and living! It is being in the moment and doing what you feel like doing! That is exactly what it felt like today! All activities today were voluntary and undetermined with no plans or set direction.

The weather was even been spontaneous as gusts of warm wind moved clouds around like a summer day (in the middle of winter); maybe it will rain or maybe it won’t rain. Ultimately it did rain.  It was a wonderful day to do whatever you felt like doing as the warmth of the sun and the carefree breezes made you feel like a kid in the middle of summer with nothing better to do than to listen to the birds and frogs sing and watch the clouds pass by.

With spontaneity and being spontaneous came joy and bliss. Everything seemed better in many ways today. There was a heightened awareness as everything seemed more colorful and inviting. Perhaps this was because there was little concern about time.

Spontaneity allows one a sense of freedom, an invitation to just be. You are at liberty when  you can engage in activities without any expectation. Aha! That’s it! With no expectation comes joy! It was letting go and simply enjoying the moment… actually enjoying the whole day. How can you invite more spontaneity into your life?

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  1. Perhaps by considering time non of your business:)

  2. There is such a dynamic in your writing, it keeps me … enthralled, now i know why nature is so diverse. I know myself to become morose at times, and unless I walk face first into a watercolor like this one, and a reminder to be spontaneous, I can go on for days in a mood. I figure it’s the November in me … whatever the cause, I know there are cures …Thanks … -gs

    • Your are so very welcome, Grandfathersky. It is as your poetry connects me with such profound emotions; it grounds me and keeps me from floating too far away. Thank you so much for the balance. ♥ Angi

  3. Sometimes spontaneity may be ill-timed? When my spontaneity doesn’t coincide with those who have other plans at the time… how does one get the timing if one wants to share spontaneity with another, others… when one has friends who seem always to say “No, I have other plans” or “We’ll see, maybe something else may come up…” spontaneity becomes a solo flight… LOL! Which happens often, and I love spontaneity. What does one do in these situations? Find more people to share with? Different people? Can spontaneity be planned? Shall I write in my calendar that I will do spontaneous each day and be open to others spontaneity? Some mornings I arise and just want to run to the beach and watch the sunrise… and I do. If I plan it and the day is cloudy, I may go anyway, to stick with the plan… or spontaneously choose again. How does one balance plans and spontaneity in relation to others?

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