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Archive for February 25, 2012


Observe and truly see
With every part of your being
Such that you can discern
Each and every detail…

Use not only those miraculous
Orbs that connect your mind
To the world through reflecting
Colors we call images,

But with each of your senses
Take in every fragrance,
Every resounding frequency,
Intonation, flavor and texture.

How does it enrich you,
As you ponder and truly see?
Awareness and wonder, or
Information overload, maybe?

No matter where you are,
You only need to utilize
Your modus operandi,
And savor the wealth of data
That is in your immediate presence.

Consider the screen upon
Which your eyes are gazing,
The bits and bytes moving
Rapidly to create this.

Feel the temperature upon
The receptors just beneath
The surface of your skin
As it gently signals your brain.

Are you comfortable?
Yes or no, you will adapt.
We all are capable of change.
Observe and truly see.
It is within you and in me.

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