a tickle of words to create smiles

I Dream…

I dream…

Of waterfalls, gentle rains

and shimmering streams


Of fluffy white clouds

that decorate our skies,

Of fragrant flowers

and dancing butterflies.


I dream…

In color and

in surround sound;

I feel the warmth

all around.


I dream of you,

I dream of me,

I dream of connections

that can only be

In my dreams.


Because, you see,

these sentient beings

Passed away to a place

far, far away.


Yet, when I close my eyes and

Transcend into a deep slumber,

These loved ones are with me today.


I feel their touch,

I smell their scent.

They are still here,

Like they never went.


Perhaps it is true, what they say,

We never really go away.


Our life spirit and energy

Has only transformed into

what we will not know,

Until it is our time to go.

Yet in our dreams,

We get a glimpse of how

it must be…


In that ether world,

an amazing wonderland,

a new reality.



Comments on: "I Dream…" (6)

  1. There thee waters make a music that souls the weary soul. It’s interesting how many bloggers wrote of dreams and hereafter last night… Synchronicities?

    • Hmm, interesting. I wonder if our dreams are becoming so much more lucid and vivid that we feel compelled to write about them. As we tap more into our creative energy, we may see more and more wonderful happenstances.

      Yes, Peter, synchronicity. It is as good as explanation as any. I deeply appreciate all your feedback, kind words and comments. ♥ Angi

      • I find the dialog to be important and valuable to all those involved. I have not read a lot a Carl Jung, but I am familiar with the collective unconscious, archetypes and synchronicity, I think he was ahead of his time, but knew he had to draw a line in order to remain accepted in his day

  2. Lovely, Angi! Thank you!

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