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A Day At the Zoo

It was a lovely day today, which made the visit to the Virginia Zoological Park amazing. We spent most our time in the Asian and African habitats. The Asian Tiger is magnificent! The Red Panda is adorable. And the African Giraffes and Elephants always steal my heart. It is great to get out once and in a while. Check out these amazing photos:

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  1. I totally loved that. Makes me long to return to the zoo. That African fox is so cute I could take it home. 🙂

  2. Their faces show a quiet acceptance of their fate to live in captivity… As if they know they have been saved. Interesting contrast to the wild ones, they know freedom, but are haunted every day by survival….

    • They were definitely content; and some were quite playful. You bring up a very good point about the contrast of freedom/survival versus captivity/security.

      I did ask one of the zookeepers if the animals were bred in captivity or not; most of them have been bred in captivity. I do know that the Virginia Zoo has evolved in my forty years and they have created beautiful habitats (cages were used when I was a child in the mid-seventies) for these amazing and wonderful beings.

      (Aside, the orangutan in the blanket kept herself hidden, but she was sitting up against the glass of her habitat. I place my hand on the other side of the glass where she was sitting up; and, there was this connection through the glass. We could sense each other, that is when she became more active and playful with me…and started playing peek-a-boo.It was an astounding experience.)

  3. I loved the orangutan photo – then you tale of playing with her made it even more lovable!
    Others’ visits to zoos remind me how very lucky I am to live so close to nature. Thank you – and the security and survival, contentment and freedom inquiry/discussion is, perhaps, useful as well. Thank you! ❤

    • Thank you so much Starbear; I also learned that one of the 2 female elephants has been in movies (the Color Purple and a couple of others) before she was brought to the Virginia Zoo.

      I will have to remember to bring a notebook next time I go to the zoo. The zookeepers have a wealth of information about their inhabitants. You can tell how much the love the animals and their positions at the Virginia Zoo. It really was quite a positive and joyful experience.

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