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Bath Day

I have so many ideas stirring in my head for the upcoming week on which I plan to post here; but, this weekend I want to keep this blog fun by telling you what I did today. I helped bathe my puppy-dog, Sasha. It has been over 5 weeks since her last bath; and, she was starting to smell like, well, a dog. (warm laughter) She appeared clean, as she is mostly a pampered house pup, but she had a distinct odor. My husband and I cannot seem to have children, so Sasha fills that role/void in our lives. She is going on 4 years old (in late June) and has the intelligence level of a human toddler. 

She is quite smart (as all who have pets say of their beloved animal friends). Really, she is. We often joke that we have the female version of Marley (from the book & movie, Marley and Me). We did not even have to utter the word bath. She knew! Usually she does not object to getting a bath; but, today she went straight for her crate, where she feels safe, secure and where she could avoid the bath. Well, Sasha loves praise. So, all I had to do is say is, “Sasha is such a good girl, she wants to take a bath now.” Sasha is grinning and wagging her tail as she comes out of her crate and heads to the bathtub. I think she knew all along she would get a little extra attention, so she went through this conjured up routine of not wanting a bath on purpose. 

Many would think, dogs cannot scheme like that. Oh, really? Well, I am here to let you know that many can and do. I have had Sasha since she was 9 weeks old; and, I created a dog who can think independently by playing games where she had to make decisions, like get your favorite toy and find Mommy or Daddy. Sasha and I often play games like hide-n-seek and tag. She is pretty good at it, too. Seek and find toys/treats is another favorite game of hers.

Once she was in the bathtub, she was compliant. She enjoyed getting lathered up, the warm water and the rinse off. My role on bath day is to dry her off. Sasha is really quite the “ham” when it comes to getting dried-off. She rolls around in the towels and plays peek-a-boo with them. She gets into her play stance with her romp in the air, head to the ground and front legs stretched like she is taking a bow. Then she pounces the towels and noses under them. She then gets up shakes and wags her whole body as I manage to wrap a large towel around her to dry her. Oh yes, Sasha loves this part of bath time. What an amazing day we had! 

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  1. LOL! The joy that animals bring us! what a gift. Always glad to see us, laughing with us, teasing, joking, reminders to play… and asking little in return. Food, a warm place to sleep, a bath… and towels to roll in. Easy to please. 🙂

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