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Yesterday, Palm Sunday, I planned and started my Gift (Bags) of Love campaign. There will be four steps involved. I am uncertain how many days it will take.

Step one: paint 100 bags with art of love.
Step two: fill bags with tokens of love.
Step three: distribute bags.
Step four: collect stories.

I was able to paint 6 bags after I posted yesterday’s blog; and I am in the process of completing 6 more bags. I photographed them tonight in sets of 3. The lighting is not to great; so, I may retake these tomorrow using daylight.

I am quite excited on how this is proceeding as I am enjoying the process of painting each bag with heavy body (good quality) acrylic paints. I will post my progress as I go. It will probably take me 2 weeks to create 100 bags. I may start distributing bags after I paint and fill a set of 20 bags, which will take me less time. Below are the photos of the bags in sets of 3. The last 3 are in progress. I invite you to give me any feedback on these. Any suggestions?

Comments on: "Gifts of Love – Step One" (17)

  1. Beautimous and full of love!!!

    Wonderful idea!

  2. simply Generous…

  3. You certainly are a bundle of energy, and ambition, bringing change into the world by giving of your light. The eyes not only perceive it but create it as well.

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  5. What a beautiful and loving project!

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  10. wow, ang… so BEAUTIFUL in thought and deed! you are an inspiration ~ so happy to have met you yesterday in group chat ♥

  11. wow this is just amazing!!!!!

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