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Gifts of Love Update

It was a phenomenally gorgeous day! I was able to take some better pictures today. I also got to socialize with my neighbors, who had a recent family loss. I chatted with Mrs. B for nearly an hour. I felt she needed me today, so I let go of my other plans and enjoyed the chat with her. I am glad I did. They are great neighbors and do things for each other when possible.

Below are the images of bags 2 – 11 completed. I just put the finishing touches on bags 12 and started bags 13 – 16. I will post more pictures as bags are completed. ♥ Angi

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  1. The images are very Easter-ly… You reminded me or Wayne Dyers story about the interview for his first book, he ended up taking to the publisher about the man’s wife and marriage for 4 hours. Never did get to the book…

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