a tickle of words to create smiles

What is poetry and art, really?
Does it have to have rhyme and reason?
Or, can it simply be an extension of me.
My soul’s expression of this season.

Expression not perfection.
That is the key.
To be in the moment…

Why worry?
Permit yourself to be happy.

Allow the words and colors to flow
on the page in front of you, below.

There need not be any haste.
Take your time…do not waste…
any moment with fear.
Embrace the now, my dear.

The page is our own
to make, create
and decorate.

With our words we can weave
anything upon one’s mind to leave…
an impression…
our own expression…

Of our heart and of our soul.

Comments on: "Expression of Heart and Soul" (8)

  1. jounisakari said:

    Hello {{{ warm laughter }}}

    I came here from a FB group (SCR-#) , where you had shared this page . And our theme there for today is ( within the 12 days meditation ) about WONDER / WONDERING . I wrote my first impressions there , and I came here to see the “whole story” ( bigger image , and all the text ) . I am grateul , for I feel our processes are “intertwined ” , and that is good.

    I can see “a greater good” coming through , the co-creation happens in mysterious ways … I tend to map what all aspects wondering has … so I just list : IDEA , INSIGHT , MIRACLE , MYSTERY , INSPIRATION , INTUITION , SIXTH SENSE , “ZEN-QUALITY” … ( I kind of mapped these with the SCR-# method , the way it is applicable in general =) )

    Also , I feel like answering .. thee .. some ,
    for poetry and art .. really are .. freedom ~
    In this .. I like the way .. it rhymes .. reason ~
    “why worry” .. its not just .. the right season !

  2. Thanks, I don’t write often enough anymore and I should…. I’ll remember this…

    • What about the daily poetry you post? Are those poems you have written in the past? I make up mine on the spot for my blog. 🙂

      • Yes, they are from collections from 206 to 2010. I am not a writer by trade, I write to help me see things. A few things I’ve posted I have written recently Like tonight I will post ‘Killing me softly’ as an OKC remembrance …

      • Gasp…You are not a writer by trade…wink-wink! You are an outstanding poet and writer; but as many writers by trade have said…if you not writing would not kill you; then do something else. LOL I wear so many hats….but I live for inspiring and teaching through my writing and art.

      • I would say the same thing about working in Information Systems … I have done so much independent study over the last several decades in search of the truth about the meaning of life that now it spills over into my writing. I am still some years from retirement, but plan on writing more now … As Wayne Dyer says – Don’t die with your music still in you !

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