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Ode To Gaia

Ode to Gaia

Your colors are so divine,
With every flavor like sweet wine.
Abundant and bountiful are your treasures;
If only we use in moderate measures.

There is absolutely no need,
for the sense of lack, fear or greed.
You, dear Mother Gaia, are pure love.
Your gifts are everywhere, below and above.

You deserve so much in return,
yet nothing you expect just discern
what adjustments humans must make
to bring back equilibrium without mistake.

For we all know in our hearts that you will find
A way for life to go on with or without human kind.
Foolish people may continue to believe
That we can go on without reprieve.

We must always keep you in our embrace,
And stop all our shameful waste, a disgrace.
On this designated day, let us love and honor you,
In all your magnificent glory of green and blue.

Update: In my haste to post, Ode to Gaia, I forgot to tell everyone my sister and father had a hand in the last 6 lines of this poem. We co-created this poem in honor of Earth Day. Thank you so much for reading it. ♥

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