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What do I do when my mind needs a bit of down time? I doodle. I use my noodle and doodle. In the U.K. I learned that they moodle, which is like daydreaming, pondering and wondering all at the same time. So I use my noodle to moodle and doodle. 

I had intended to paint and create more Gifts of Love; but sometimes things do not always go as planned. I had some “business” to take care of today. Tomorrow, I will be able to do more with my Gifts of Love campaign.

This evening I doodled as a way to tame all the wild thoughts in my head. As I doodle, I keep positive thoughts, blessings and attentions in my mind. I needed a way to release the pent up stress and let go of the negative energy. I am not sure where the negative energy originated but somehow it got into my being. As I doodled I was able to breathe easier and relax the tension that nested between my eyes and in my stomach.

Other ways I release tension is going out for walks in nature, exercising and/or listening to music. On those infrequent occasions when I am simply prickly or maybe even angry or hurt, I am tempted to vent at my husband, but as soon as I find myself raising my voice at him, I back away from the situation and try to reassess it. And ask myself, “why did I yell or why do I feel angry?”

This allows me to take time for myself and ease the emotions with a more positive activity like doodling and listening to soothing music. I try to engage in any activity that allows me to slow down my heart rate and calm me. How do each of you “wind down” after a less than positive day?

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