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Archive for May 5, 2012

Gifts of Love Update 10

Wow, today was a busy day of art. I have art materials out everywhere in my studio, paint, paper, scissors, glue, tape, paint brushes, etc. Now, I have 82 Gifts of Love with paint on them.

I also spent most of the day celebrating…I bet you thought I was going to say Cinco de Mayo….. No, I was celebrating National Scrap-booking Day. I attended the 2nd Annual Creative EdVentures National Scrapbook Day Online Crop-a-thon. 14 wonderful artists participated, in which they demonstrated  on-line various techniques and projects using scrapbook materials. It was a blast!

I had lots of fun. Below are a few pictures of my most current Gifts of Love; and, one of the projects I started from the Crop-a-thon. It is a memory book made with paper lunch bags. Kelly Donovan demonstrated this project. I am really tickled with it so far! 


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