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Tolerance and Respect

In the face of adversaries, people are “tested” or “tempted” to react negatively. This can actually be a self-destructive behavior; however, when using such situations to practice restraint, tolerance, love and respect it can become a learning experience. It would be the BEST use of one’s energies. When one uses an enemy’s words and actions as fodder for growth, then that person has the opportunity to evolve into a loving, compassionate and tranquil person.

Yes, it is easier said than done; furthermore, each person’s situation is different. Consider a situation where one’s adversary creates an intolerable situation at work such as magnifying all of this person’s mistakes to their immediate supervisor. Instead of getting upset or doing the same thing to the adversary, this person uses the situation to improve his or her skills and track record.

In the long run, the immediate supervisor will see what a great asset he or she is because they are able to learn from their mistakes and the situation. And, the adversary no longer empowered. That person wins! You can win, too! Consider Dalai Lama’s words of wisdom, “In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher. “

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  1. I may have discussed this regarding bullying … my son found (after many long conversations between the two of us) that as soon as he stopped reacting to the bullies, stopped feeding the behavior with emotion the situation quickly changed. they just moved on, since there was no enjoyment in it. Emotion is energy once we realize that for what it is, a ‘vector’ in physics with magnitude and direction, we can then create the direction we want instead of the one others want …

    • I don’t recall…but wow, Peter, I am delighted you were able to guide your son into an invaluable life lesson that will stay with him into his adulthood…bullies will always be in the world; but, we don’t have to feed them/empower them. I truly appreciate you sharing this with me! It is so reaffirming to what I find in my own life to be true. Great physics analogy, too! ♥ Angi

  2. allowing others to push our buttoms is our greatest downfall, considering where I work I call it allowing ourselves to catch the negativity disease… be like the mighty duck and allow words to fall from us like “water off a ducks back.”

    I enjoy reading you (~_~)

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