a tickle of words to create smiles

On the kickoff of Memorial Day weekend I found myself at our local warehouse store where you can buy things in bulk and get a hot dog meal for $1.50 (U.S. dollars). I took this opportunity to really watch people as they shopped, worked and express their emotions. Breathing room was a bit compromised as it was more crowded than usual. Shopping carts were filled with every item imaginable to make the first cookouts of the season successful. 

What was most interesting to me was how people were working and shopping given these circumstances. I found those shoppers who were more laid back and took their time had smiles in their eyes and across their faces. They were also the people who were more likely to make eye contact with you and they made it a point to say to others fellow shoppers, “hello”, “excuse me, please”, and “you go ahead.”

I was also intrigued how most of the staff of the warehouse store were so pleasant, polite and genuinely happy to be working, doing their duties and serving customers. To observe them enjoy their jobs put a smile in my heart. It made my shopping experience joyful and memorable.

On the flip-side, those individuals who were in a hurry, determined to get through one more chore and/or talking on their mobile phones wore different expressions. They were pensive, stressed, annoyed and a few even expressed irritation as they rolled their eyes, gave a dirty look or sighed in disbelief of not being able to move quickly through the store. I wonder how their day could have been different if they chose to wear happiness? I invite you to choose to wear your happiness this weekend. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Incidentally, if you wish to hear me speak on the topic of bullying, I will be a guest speaker on the Create-A-Way Radio show on Sunday, May 27 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time. Here is the link: 


I hope you can join me!

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  2. Love your blog! Happiness and smiles are contagious in my opinion! I smile at everyone as I go through my day and will often wave people ahead of me when they only have a couple of things and I have a lot. I have also been known to pay for peoples items for instance one day a poor looking man was buying a notebook for his little girl and he didn’t have enough money…. while he went back to get a cheaper one I reached forward picked up the notebook added a couple of colourful pencils and a pack of crayons from the check out display and handed the money to the clerk! He was overcome when he got back to find his little girl almost dancing with joy! He thanked me profusely but then kept saying.. Por Que! My Spanish was not good enough to give a proper reply so I just said a Regalo para Mios Dios! A gift from my God! Other expats comment on how well liked I am by the locals how they give me little gifts and are very protective of me, What they do not realize though I try to explain is I live here! I shop here! I take the time to greet guards and people on the street with a smile and a Good morning! I do not get my pension check and run to San Pedro to spend it ! I shop in the market, in the little Mom and Pop shops from the street vendors! I volunteer at their schools! Tela is my home and they accept me as part of their community!
    I am going to try and think of some ways to share you Love project do not have paper bags but will find something ! Hugs You are such an inspiration! Lizzie

  3. So, so, true… Best of luck, I’ll try to be there to listen.

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