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“Don’t worry about telling God how big your storm is…..tell the storm how big your God is!”

My sister shared this quote with me, which came from her co-worker, Randy who can’t remember from where he heard it. You know, Jesus Christ has our backs. He will get us through any storm. We just need to remember how powerful our God is! And, it is awesome to know that God is within us!

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. (1 John 4:16 NIV)

It is empowering to know that God is with us always. “Come close to God, and God will come close to you…(James 4:8) Faith and love sustains us, as it is the God in us that gives us the fortitude to get through the largest of storms in our lives. It is God and the Love in our hearts that allows us to see the blessings in those storms. Happiness and joy need not be elusive. We just need to remember we are not alone and that happiness has never left us.

Another thought that has crossed my mind today, “Why is it that sometimes we wish to be something we are not instead of wishing to be who we already are?” We are exactly who and where we need to be. The thoughts in our hearts become reality. It is only when we believe we are exactly the person we want to be that we are joyful. What are you telling yourself and your storm today?

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  1. I’m enjoying your articles very much. Your insights and wisdom illuminate my day. Thank you. Love and blessings from Izzy xx

  2. Angie – You do good work, and you tell show people the way, that is so lacking today, yet, there is a great longing for it (is what I feel). I’ve felt that way since I read your first post, I hope you are seeing results … that as other grow your life becomes calmer, more fluid … All the best – Peter

    • Peter, thank you so very much. Yes, I feel what I am blogging is making a difference for me and for others. I am grateful that I have been showered by so much love and support from you and other devout followers. Each of you mean the world to me. I hope you all realize that. ♥ Angi

  3. Peharps, sometimes, we don`t like anymore who we already are and want to transform ourselves… try to become better…

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