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Sunshine and Smiles

Today was an amazing day. I had a great interview with Wendy Fedan of Create-A-Way on the topic of bullying. If you would like to catch the replay click here on this link: Create-A-Way Today BlogTalkRadio Wendy is a phenomenal ARTbundance Coach who utilizes her gifts in helping people create a way for their goals and dreams. I am also an ARTbundance coach with close to 20 years of experience in gifted and science education. I have inspired students to tap into their creativity to achieve their academic goals in science. I have also mentored freshman teachers. at-risk students and started anti-bullying/kindness promoting programs in which I worked.

One of my best assets has been my sincere smile. No matter how rough things could get at times, I managed to smile through it. My colleagues and students have let me know that my genuine kindness and smile inspired them; and, it often got them through the harder moments of their days. I was a ray of sunshine and hope. Actually, I believe I am still a light in people’s lives (or I certainly hope I am).

It is amazing how a simple, genuine smile can get someone through a low moment, even if it is a smile for yourself. It nurtures the heart and the soul. When you are in a low moment in your day, close your eyes and recall a memory that brought you joy. Give yourself permission to smile or even laugh if it was a memory filled with light moments and humor. Joseph Addison (a statesman, essayist and poet of the late 1600s to early 1700s) stated, “What sunshine is to flowers; smiles are to humanity.” I find this to be true.

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  1. I learned about smiling with you eyes and practice it as often as I can, I have to remember your advice…

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  3. A genuine smile will inspire others to do the same. Just looking at your sunshine with the smile made me smile.

    Sue Bock

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  5. Have you read “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein? It is a story told by the dog “Enzo” … If you like dogs its a must read, doubly so if you like cars too, but that’s not necessary. Enjoying your radio program ….

    • Awesome program, you are very dedicate – AND made me realize that my church group growing up gave me an outlet to free myself from the bullying at school. I remembered that it was there were I felt accepted, and valued. I got the second highest mark on our final for confirmation, that’s how into it I was … I guess it shows ?
      Keep going you do great work !

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