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Today is my husband’s birthday, so I wanted to take this opportunity in my blog to tell the world how wonderful he is! He is not only the love of my life, but he is also my BEST friend. He is the Yang to my Yin.

Rick Orobko

He makes my days a bit more colorful, brighter and joyful. His optimism surpasses my own so that when I need a lift, I can count on  him. I truly believe he loves me unconditionally as I unconditionally love him. He is amazing and wonderful. It is my pleasure to honor him today, on his birthday! And shower him with love, blessings and gratitude! Thank you, Ricky! I love you!!

Comments on: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK!" (2)

  1. Rick, thank you for being such a support to your blessed wife! We all appreciate it! Have a joyous year ahead!

  2. You two must be awesome together … wishes for many, many, more -gs

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