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I am in the center of my world. I am famous, notable, lovable, adorable and so much more. If I do not take care of myself first then how can I take care of others. Love and charity need to begin at home; and, home starts with me. 

Are you self-centered? No? Why not? How can you serve others if you are tired, drained, exhausted, hungry and sleepy? By taking care of yourself first, you will have the stamina to serve others as the best person you can be.

There is no need to apologize to nourish your body, exercise, sleep and pamper yourself now and then to recharge your mind, body and soul.  Believe it or not, in delighting yourself, you WILL delight others. You will be in a better mood and in a better place mentally and spiritually.

Put yourself in the shoes of others, would you rather be with a tired spouse, parent or other caregiver or someone who is robust, energetic and totally engaged in you? To be the best I can be for others I am proud to be self-centered! By taking care of me first, I can better take care of others. Yes! I am self-centered. 

Comments on: "Self-Centered, Yes. Why Not?" (5)

  1. Awesome concept. My wife and I have been talking about this a lot lately. You are the only person that can ever put “you” first. If we don’t put ourselves first, we lose the energy to be able to help others.

    • Thank you so very much. Another thought came to mind, when taking airplane trips, we are always told to place the oxygen mask over our own face first before helping others. That is the same concept. We need to be in a state of good health before we can help others. I really appreciate your comment. ♥ Angi

  2. How about, “Love thy neighbour as thy self”. If we all looked after ourself first where would it end. No one would be bothered with another. We are all one, respect each others time and space. We all need me time as well as us time. It is finding an equal Balance.

  3. What a great Post Angi! There is such a big difference between being self centered and being selfish you certainly nailed self centered! My word for the year is Centered… being centered in my personal life, centered in my Art and spiritually Centered!Thank you for this great reminder that we do have to look after ourselves first! Liz

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