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Archive for June 3, 2012

Heart Splash

What does HEART SPLASH mean to you? I think of it as making a splash with your heart, much like when an outfit or a room needs a splash of color…so does our world. Our world needs a splash of heart, feeling, compassion…love.

My heart splash comes in the form of art and words and action. I splash my heart whenever I can. When I am in my community, I seek opportunities to make someone smile even if it is just giving one of my own smiles to them.

When I am working in my studio/home office I look for ways on-line to splash my heart with my blog, comments, surprise e-mails. I have even been known to send out things in the regular mail. It has become quite special to receive a card or hand-written letter in the “snail-mail”. My friends and I call it happy mail. It is also wonderful to receive an unexpected phone call from a friend or acquaintance, just because he or she was thinking of you.

There are a zillion ways to create splashes of the heart. I invite you to imagine a world where more people splash their hearts. What is your personal HEART SPLASH?

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