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This morning I was just thinking how I love words that end in “ie” and “y” (or any word that has that double “ee”/long “e” sound). Some of the best words end in “y”: HAPPY, ┬áPUPPY, BUNNY, BABY, PRETTY and ACTIVITY. Can you think of some?

And, when you add that “y” or “ie” to the end of words it makes them a bit more endearing like SMILEY! and CUTIE! and SWEETIE! Do you recall creating our own SILLY words that make people smile: HUGGY, KISSY, BIRDIE, PIGGY, DOGGY, KITTY, and FROGGY? How many of us as children (and perhaps now as well) have nicknames like RICKY, BOBBY, SANDY, PETEY, RUDY, JOANI, MARCI, and ANGI. The list can go on and on.

So, if you need a bit more joy and delight in your moment, SIMPLY add a long “e” to your words and see if that adds a tiny more joy into your day! I will be DELIGHTFULLY awaiting to hear some feedback. (Yes, I realize there may be some exceptions, like: ugly, stinky, smelly and so on…but even those words are FUNNY!).

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