a tickle of words to create smiles

Believe In Yourself

This is a great reminder. I saw the words on Facebook today. It is exactly the message I needed to see. So, I tweaked it and made it even more JOY-FULL!

We are what we BELIEVE; furthermore, we need to be ourselves. Embrace the good and the challenges. No one is perfect (thank goodness). Life would not be as exciting if we were all perfect, right? Most mistakes make humor. Good humor brings happiness. The choice is our own. We can decide to believe in ourselves and be, or not. One of the two choices is going to make you way more happier. I choose to BE ME and BELIEVE in me. BElieve in YOUrself.

Comments on: "Believe In Yourself" (3)

  1. Really liked the BE YOU at the end.
    Definitely an inspiring post you’ve created it. Full of life, vibrance…made my not so happy day a lot brighter.
    Thanks ❤

  2. I am excited the ‘Nessa has found your blog, she is so talented, yet so self conscious. This is a great topic, so many learn to not believe in themselves, they are taught that only by following will they arrive, and that is the greatest mistake we can make, because surely if we don’t choose our way, someone else will.

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