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Setback or Blessing?

For every setback, disappointment and heartbreak, ask yourself the following questions: What is the opportunity in this? What does this create (room in my life for)? Where could this lead to? Therein you will find its gift. Everything has a reason. We just do not see it until we are on the other side of the door of opportunity.

For example, when my first speaking engagement got cancelled short notice, I found that I had the opportunity to refine my presentation. So, when I did get to present it, I had raving reviews. At first I was deeply disappointed, but I found the “silver lining” in that “dark cloud”.  What disappointments in your life turned into blessings in disguise?

Comments on: "Setback or Blessing?" (2)

  1. Correct! Everything that happens to one in life is an opportunity – a step up the ladder, I repeat “up” and the purpose of all things that happen to one is positive although it may not appear to be so. Keep smiling every one.
    And for you I leave this gift which has been 69 years in the making:

    Your choice.

  2. Almost every one… 😉

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