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Summer Wish List

It is nearly summer (in the Northern Hemisphere of this world) and school is out for children and teenagers. This is a great time to make a Summer Wish List. There are no rules or directions. Let the list carry on into your imagination and be creative. The warm weather we are experiencing is so relaxing; it invites us to daydream and wish….as in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.

I dream of far off places of rainbows, wishing stars and waterfalls. I wish to see a zillion butterflies and take in the fragrance of honeysuckle and watermelon. I wish to play on the seashore collecting seashells and memories galore. I wish to dance with fireflies underneath the clear summer night skies. What are your Summer Wishes?

Comments on: "Summer Wish List" (3)

  1. Sandy beaches, summer breezes, quiet rides in the country…;-)

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