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Archive for June 21, 2012

Pass It On

“The point is not to pay back kindness but to pass it on.”
– Julia Alvarez

Some of my fondest memories are those when I got to pass on things to others. The joy of spreading love and kind words is almost indescribable. Imagine receiving and holding in your hands the most beautiful object in the world and then sharing it with someone else. The warmth that starts in your heart spreads throughout your body as you allow the love and kindness to flow from you. You may even see a smile on another’s face after you passed it on. This is a double blessing.

Love and kindness are the most beautiful objects (although it is not a physical objects…it can still be felt) that we can pass on. And, what is so remarkable about sharing love and kindness, is that your heart fills up with more love and kindness in the process. It is a gift that gives back such positive feelings in return. Imagine that. It is so wonderful and amazing!

Today I wish to pass on to you blessings of a glorious upcoming first weekend of the season as you close out your week. May you experience joy and peace as you prepare for the first full week of Summer (or Winter), which is also the last week of June.  I hope you will be able to be around all your loved ones and be engaged in all your favorite activities! What do you wish to pass on?

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