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Archive for July 7, 2012

Breathtaking Moments

It matters not how many breaths you take; more importantly, it is those moments that took your breath away! In fact it is those moments that are breathtaking that are most memorable. It is life’s “Kodak moments” that burn a picture in our minds, hearts and souls. Breathtaking moments need to be savored and cherished.

During those times in our lives when we are in an abyss of negative emotion, these breathtaking moments can be retrieved and enjoyed as we go back to reflect and meditate on them to recapture the positiveness in our lives. Two of those breathtaking moments for me is (was) when my husband Rick and I took our wedding vows five years ago and when I first met him six years ago. Those memories are forever stored in a special place in my heart and soul. I will cherish these 2 memories always. (Ricky, I love you, Happy Anniversary! ♥)

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