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Wake Up Happy!

Just because I am not a morning person does not mean I cannot wake up happy!  ~Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Here are some tips on how to wake up happy that work for me. First of all my bedroom is my sanctuary; therefore, it is cozy and comfortable. The walls are painted in a soothing blue and I have lots of pillows on my bed. I am totally able to relax in my bedroom. I keep the temperature around 72 degrees year round. Sometimes I use fragrances like lavender and soft ambient music to set the mood before I go to sleep. Occasionally I will have chamomile tea or milk before bedtime. Setting the stage is important.

Schedule your sleep so that you routinely get up the same time every day. You will want to have plenty of time in the morning to leisurely take your bath or shower, dress and have a healthy breakfast. This should be a sacred time for you (and your family).

How you are roused from you sleep each morning is also important. Use an alarm clock that can wake you using soft, gentle or happy music whether it is a radio station that plays that type of  music or a CD/mp3 of your favorite ambient or happy music. One of my favorite radio stations is K-LOVE which has some amazingly inspirational music. There is one song that gets me in a great mood each time I hear it called Good Morning by Mandisa.

Good Morning by Mandisa

Another great thing to do is have either your comfy robe and slippers handy or simply have your clothes set out for the day (prepared the night before). My best mornings are when I have everything ready and set out the night before like my outfit, my supplies and writing materials, my purse, my cellular phone, sunglasses and keys. What makes it even better is having breakfast planned/ready so I can eat in a relaxed state. My lunch has been prepared the night before (usually leftover dinner) so that it is ready to take with me out the door. Taking a little time the night before to prepare for the next day make the following mornings wonderful!

One of the BEST things to do to GUARANTEE a JOYFUL morning is to simply CHOOSE to be HAPPY. No amount of preparation and scheduling is going to make anyone happy if they have not already chosen to be happy. So, CHOOSE to WAKE UP HAPPY! I dare you!


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  1. Yes setting the stage helps a lot, but choosing to be happy is essential!

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