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Playing and creating bring bliss to my daily routine; so I make a point to schedule it. ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Unstructured playtime, as with children, is even more important for adults, where they entertain themselves without television or computers. It is a time where adults allow themselves to be alone with nature, art supplies, musical instruments….with anything that allow adults to stretch their imagination and perhaps even meditate and connect with their inner spirit. This gives the body and mind an opportunity to recharge, rejuvenate and take a break from all the concerns and worries adults usually carry with them.

The grand thing about playtime is that after people truly indulge in this unstructured free time, all the worries and concerns become manageable and less stressful. Do you recall Mr. Rogers and his Land of Make-believe? Mr. Rogers always took “issues” and “challenges” into the Land of Make-believe to see how the residents would handle them. Lo and behold, resolution. Mr. Rogers was a genius! Here is a great mash-up video where many episodes of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood is used to create a great song about creativity and imagination: Garden of Your Mind (Using Imagination)

With playtime comes downtime, which liberates one’s creative spirit. Brainstorming becomes easier. Problems become challenges with solutions. And, furthermore, people are able to reconnect with their inner creativity that they were gifted with as children. Playtime helps nurture creativity! Creativity brings about ideas, solutions, satisfaction and ultimately…bliss!

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