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Making Memories

Every day affords us the opportunity to make memories. 
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Every day affords us the opportunity to make memories. It is our choice to make them good ones even when facing the greatest of challenges. The solution lies in looking beyond the immediate situation. Consider these questions: What are the worst and best possible outcomes? Can I handle the worst? If not, can I get support or find resources? What is the opportunity or lesson in the present situation? How would I like this situation to be remembered?

When we are with loved ones, family and friends, we want to create the best of memories by engaging in fun and worthwhile activities. We need to resist the urge to “fix” our loved ones; and, simply let them be. We only need to love and delight in their company. A situation would be hurtful and unfair if we brought up unpleasant histories.  We only have the present moment to live. So, why not make the most of present and create wonderful memories.

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  1. I agree, attitude makes a big difference in life. I also like the “explosive” hearts coming at you.

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