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Archive for August 21, 2012


Life is more joyful when you can bend and detach yourself from specific outcomes.
~Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

I had to be very flexible today and it was not easy. In fact, I was quite upset until I was able to detach myself and bend. I had to look at my challenge with fresh eyes. Only then was I able to see many possible solutions and release the negative feelings I was experiencing.

It was one of those days when nothing seemed to work; but, after assessing the situation, I was able to resolve it. It is not the outcome I expected, but it is satisfactory. Everything that happens in our lives, happens for a reason. We will not see it until after the situation and other outcomes have come to pass.

I can breathe easier, now; and, I am more joyful than I was earlier. By allowing ourselves to be flexible, bend and detach ourselves from specific outcomes, we will be able to move through life easier and happier.

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