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Today is the Tomorrow…

Today is the tomorrow I dreamt about yesterday. I wish this were my original thought, but I know I have heard it before. It is one that I often live by as I believe it is important to live in the moment as if it were our last one to make a difference for ourselves and others.

Time is so fleeting, so doing what we feel we need to do right now instead of waiting  is important. Why wait until tomorrow? Why put off activities and experiences for a later time when we can do them right now? Tomorrow is not guaranteed. We only have this present moment. Live for the moment. Seize it and make it count whenever you can. Live, love and laugh!

Comments on: "Today is the Tomorrow…" (5)

  1. silly4ever said:

    WONDERFUL thoughts, thank you for sharing them!!!

  2. I agree with “silly4ever”. Thank you for your positive message every day! I am sure many of your readers are motivated by those messages as I am.

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