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Life is more joyful when you can bend and detach yourself from specific outcomes.
~Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

I had to be very flexible today and it was not easy. In fact, I was quite upset until I was able to detach myself and bend. I had to look at my challenge with fresh eyes. Only then was I able to see many possible solutions and release the negative feelings I was experiencing.

It was one of those days when nothing seemed to work; but, after assessing the situation, I was able to resolve it. It is not the outcome I expected, but it is satisfactory. Everything that happens in our lives, happens for a reason. We will not see it until after the situation and other outcomes have come to pass.

I can breathe easier, now; and, I am more joyful than I was earlier. By allowing ourselves to be flexible, bend and detach ourselves from specific outcomes, we will be able to move through life easier and happier.

What is art and writing to me?

The end-product is simply the by-product of my joy. ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

What is art and writing to me? Should it  be more expressive and intuitive or deliberate and technical (commercialized)? Should it be for the creator or the spectator? Should it be about the process or the end-product?

In my heart and soul I feel art and writing are expressive and intuitive processes where deliberate technique needs to take a backseat. It is the only way I know how to be creative. My favorite art pieces are the ones that had no plan…they simply evolved. My favorite articles are those that were written in the moment; however, I do find I need a concept map to outline my major writing projects that are over 100 pages long.

My art is more for the creator and less for the spectator. If I visually delight others as much as I delight myself in the process, then I am TWICE blessed. I write about what I most want to read. I keep the reader in mind, me. If it is boring to me, then I know others will be bored. I interject humor when I can, because I enjoy getting a chuckle when I read.

I wholeheartedly feel that art and writing are about the processes and not necessarily the end-products. When the end-product turns out AMAZING erstwhile I delight in creating it, then I am in total ecstasy…but for me, it is all about the process. The end-product is simply the by-product of my joy.

Come Out and Play

Happiness is permitting our inner children to come out and play! ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Sometimes we forget who our inner children are. I know I have at times, especially during times of worry or stress. How do we reconnect with our inner child? Here the possibilities are endless, but you have to be open to receive them.

For most it is as easy as reflecting back to your happiest childhood memory and reliving it in your mind or in the moment. If it is going out and splashing in rain puddles or flying a kite, then visualize it. Maybe it is baking cookies with grandma or going to the beach for the first time. Some of these activities you can simply do again and recapture the joy.

Smells, sights and sounds can trigger the happiest of memories. By reconnecting with our inner children, we are tapping into our innocence, our trust, our faith, our love and our joy. The simplest activities, events or things were thrilling and joyful. Permit your inner child to come out and play; and, I am certain you will experience happiness just thinking about it.

Never Versus Always



Always, always, always, give up worries, bad habits, negative thoughts and feelings of hurt and anger. And always give into Joy and Delight!

~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Winston Churchill is noted for stating this compelling quote, “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!” But, I would like to amend this piece of wisdom. Whilst it is important never to give up those things we feel are important; it is proper to give up worries, bad habits, and feelings of hurt and anger. And, one should ALWAYS give into joy and delight…especially when it stems from love and kindness.

Yes, I agree with Winston Churchill in that we should never, never, never give up when it comes to our dreams, goals and passions. Perseverance and courage definitely have an important role in our lives; however, when it comes to worries, anger, bad habits, complacency and hurt, it is time to give those up! Giving up those things that no longer serve us will ultimately bring more joy in our lives.



Share Your Gifts!

Don’t let fear stop you; it is selfish NOT to share your gifts and talents with the world. ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

 At times (like right now) I need to remind myself that I need to share my talents; it is selfish of me to hold back. God bestowed upon me many wonderful gifts to impart with others. He does not want me to hoard them and judge them. Who am I decide if I am good enough? That is only for God to decide. My words, my art, my insights are important. If I need to hear and see it, then most likely others need to read and see them, too.

We all have gifts, talents and experiences that are unique to us. No one else has the same exact ones. We connect and interact with others, build relationships and communities when we share our unique gifts and experiences. Empower others to see your value. Allow them to appreciate you and your unique talents. Don’t let fear make you appear selfish! You are amazing! Go out and share your gifts, talents and experiences. And, keep in mind, you cannot please everyone, but you can please yourself. Do what you please and you will find you will delight others.


Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated. After all, the word treat is a very positive one. Who doesn’t like getting a “treat”? Even our pets love treats! My puppy-dog Sasha responds with body wiggles (not just tail wags) to the word, “treat!”

Delight in treating others with love and respect. I receive such a positive charge when I get a smile out of others by expressing a compliment or simply smiling at them. You never know what kind of day they have already experienced, and this may just be the perk they needed to get through the rest of it.

Today, a gentleman held open a door for me. I always feel special whenever I am treated with respect. I looked him in the eyes, smiled and said, “thank-you.” And, he said, “you’re welcome.” It was such a positive experience. It made the rest of my day a bit more pleasant. Treat others (not just tweet…chuckle) and spread around the positive; and, notice how much positive is around you and is returned. Such positive treatment between people creates a loving community.

Bad Moments

Bad moments do not make you a bad person. ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

We all have our “moments”, but those moments do not make us bad people. Each of us have our own unique sensitivities and coping skills. Another’s actions may or may not evoke a reaction from me; but, it would evoke a reaction from someone else.  That reaction does not make that person bad. It is only when he or she is not sorry for the reaction or bad moment that would taint his or her character.

Empower your loved ones. Give them the opportunity to forgive you and to need them. People feel valued and appreciated when you consider their emotions, ask for forgiveness and/or help. Our vulnerabilities such as bad moments make us human. How we choose to act after our bad moments is what really counts.

Dream, Visualize, Action!

Even the smallest action steps will make your dream a reality.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

There are many expressions revolving around this concept, such as, Rome wasn’t built in a day; and, you need to learn to walk before you run. Once you have a dream; visualize yourself as you have already achieved it. Imagine the steps it took you to get there. Then, start doing them. Everyone started out the same  way you did…naked and inexperienced.

If you want to be a writer, then write a little every day. If you want to be an artist, create art daily. If you want to be more athletic, then do a little more physical activity daily. If you want to be a size 8 (or less), then take small action steps daily to get there like track your food intake; and, burn more calories than you consume. If you want to change the world, make it more positive and feed the hungry; then be the change you wish to see. Express more positive emotions and start a food drive in your own locality.

Dream your dream. Visualize it. And then show up to take small actions steps toward it.

Making Memories

Every day affords us the opportunity to make memories. 
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Every day affords us the opportunity to make memories. It is our choice to make them good ones even when facing the greatest of challenges. The solution lies in looking beyond the immediate situation. Consider these questions: What are the worst and best possible outcomes? Can I handle the worst? If not, can I get support or find resources? What is the opportunity or lesson in the present situation? How would I like this situation to be remembered?

When we are with loved ones, family and friends, we want to create the best of memories by engaging in fun and worthwhile activities. We need to resist the urge to “fix” our loved ones; and, simply let them be. We only need to love and delight in their company. A situation would be hurtful and unfair if we brought up unpleasant histories.  We only have the present moment to live. So, why not make the most of present and create wonderful memories.

People are Mirrors (Dr. Angi’s Law #10)



People are mirrors; they reflect what you give! ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

This law almost always holds true for me especially when I give positive energy, love and kindness. If you think about all your experiences both positive and negative, you will see it is often true for you, too. When you are happy, others are happy. When you are upset, others become upset. When you are enthusiastic, others are enthusiastic.

When you go into a situation where others are in a different emotional state than you, keep in mind that you may also be influenced and reflect back to them what they gave you. This is fine and well, if it is a positive emotional state; but if it is negative, you still have a choice. You can choose to parrot them or you can choose to be positive. Choosing love, joy and kindness takes practice. It will not always be easy, but it is not impossible. Remember, what you give is what you will receive!

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