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What Do Others Think Of You?

What others think of you is none of your business. The only thing that is important is what you think of yourself.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

What makes us wonder what others think of us? Is it our need to be loved? Is it the fear of being alone? The ironic thing about it, we attract loved ones into our lives when we can let go of the concern of how others think of us. We can relax and be ourselves. People enjoy being around other people who are confident and not concerned about what others think of them, which ultimately invites gossip….”did you know he said this about you; and, she thinks this about you?”

Oh, sure, who doesn’t enjoy getting praise and compliments, but, does it really matter what others think of you? As long as you are true to your character, your talents, your passions, then the opinions of others does NOT matter. Simply be genuine, authentic and honest with yourself. Be the best you know how to be. Do what you love and delight in your being. The only important thing is how you think about yourself, your level of confidence and your self-esteem. Furthermore, after all is said and done, you are the one who has to live with yourself. It is your life. Enjoy it.

Comments on: "What Do Others Think Of You?" (6)

  1. Dr. Angi,
    I love your message; always positive and motivational!!!

  2. Thank you so very much! ♥

  3. Brilliant concept, but a hard pill to swallow … People are swept by the herd, and they do what others do, what radio and TV tell them, this is wisdom at its best, but a hard fight to get across to others … Thank you for sharing the message, and for being its champion !

    • It is my passion to bring forth this message; and, I appreciate your comments immensely. Through my experiences I have learned that no matter what others think of me, it truly doesn’t matter. I have the POWER to decide how I permit others to affect me. It is very hard to do at times; but, with practice it gets easier and easier. So, I am cheering the masses on. Be YOU! Ignore the others. The world and the Universe want more of the TRUE YOU! ♥ Angi

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