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The Message in a Toadstool

A toadstool…

…fears NOT the darkness.

…thrives and grows in muck.

…stands tall and

…keeps its head high.

What can you learn from a toadstool?

Comments on: "The Message in a Toadstool" (4)

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words said:

    we aren’t meant to survive in just the light
    we are meant to entwine dark within light
    we are meant to thrive in life, through chaos and strife
    we romance life itself, and it will surround us in what is right
    (for us)

    I like your work of art!
    I’m partial to Toadstools, my Faeries are too!
    Thank you, for such a sweet post that makes us smile
    Take Care….

  2. Beware the toadstools; they are quiet and some are poisonous! Love the art!!!

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