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Not a Luxury….a NECESSITY!

I need to remind myself, as I am sure many of you need to do as well, that rest and relaxation are a necessity, not a luxury. Funny thing is if we keep going and going without scheduling time for ourselves to recharge and rejuvenate, it will catch up to us in the form of illness. Then you have no choice but to recuperate.

When we do not take care of ourselves first, then we end up not being able to take care of anybody including ourselves. It truly is an act of kindness to everyone by scheduling the time to pamper yourself . That time is an investment, an insurance policy. Self-love and self-care assures that you will be healthy and in good spirits. This will allow you to be the best you can be for your loved ones and your colleagues at work. I hope you were able to take a little time for yourself this weekend.

It is sort of like chores. If you do a little each day, it is a piece of cake. If you keep putting chores off, then it becomes burdensome and overwhelming. A little respite every day, keeps you healthy in every way!

Comments on: "Not a Luxury….a NECESSITY!" (5)

  1. This is really short but really necessary and something we need to remind ourselves of often [ouch! Why am I sounding like a spam 🙂 ]
    Okay, the truth is most of us think that we need to just keep pushing to meet deadlines and all those things. We feel that sleep takes away time that really could have been used in accomplishing a lot more. Yup, you can’t cheat nature… It surely would take back what we want to steal…
    Go Angie…keep reminding us. *Yawn. Alright, it’s back to work for me. 🙂

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