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I cannot believe we are already in October, a great month for Harvest and Halloween Events. School-aged children are in the swing of their studies. Football is on a roll. The temperatures are dropping and the leaves are changing colors and falling.

The hottest topics…political campaigning and bullying. Funny how both are in the same arena. For once, I would love to see our candidates take the high road and be role models, especially for our children. The political ad campaigns I have seen are more often than not, mean-spirited. May the best man win through accomplishments, not because one candidate had better smears than the other.

On the flip side, what started out as a bullying prank in West Branch, Michigan to a wonderful teenage girl named Whitney Kropp has turned out to be a positive and memorable time for her. You can read the full feature here: Town Turns Tables on School Prank. I will keep you posted as I learn more.

I feel by talking about things such as bullying and smear campaigns, we can spread awareness. Through awareness comes brainstorming solutions and later positive action steps, like in Michigan. Let us each do what we can to promote a more positive and loving world by being more positive and kind in our own communities. What will you do in October?

Comments on: "Last Day of September….Autumn Days and Thoughts." (4)

  1. Yes, hurrah for Whitney Kropp and the townfolks of West Branch, MI. and boo to the negative political ads. The outright lies are shameful! BIG MONEY is trying to buy votes as corporations and unions are allowed unlimited funds to push political issues (as long as they don’t “coordinate” with the candidates. HAH!!!
    Thank you for your blog efforts to make readers aware of bullying and for keeping the spirit positive.

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words said:

    I read the article again, I had seen it when it first came out
    being on the same end of being fun of in school, I remembered like it was yesterday
    I once told a group of students in a session, that physical scars heal…
    but words stay embedded, imprinted and the least little thing can trigger that hurt
    10 years to 80 years from that one moment…..
    I have never met anyone that has proved that wrong….
    words breathe on their on once they are fed into the wind….growing each time someone pauses to feed its energy ….
    I have never used hate or racial slurs or been a part of bullying or callous behavior, for I have felt the that energy strike me heart on nad it took my breath away each time…

    Good post…one of the comments said each time he heard of something cruel being turned around(paraphrasing) it gave hi faith in humanity…
    me too…
    Thank you for posting such a good article …
    Take Care…

    • Thank you LadyBlueRose for your comment. My own story of being bullied in school has made me the person I am today; so, I no longer feel the sting. And, the funny thing, many of the students who teased and taunted me, do not remember. I suppose they thought they were playing and didn’t realize they were being cruel. I love seeing stories with happy endings such as the one in Michigan. It is my pleasure to blog about the positive and bring a bit more sunshine into the lives of others. ♥ Angi

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