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Doing the Avoid Dance…


Is avoidance really something that should be shunned as laziness, lethargy, slovenliness? Or, is it really fear; or, perhaps it is stubbornness; or, it is simply the characteristic of being a perfectionist? Why do we do the Avoid-DANCE?…is it a daunting task that we are resisting?…or is it the fear of the unknown? The specific reason of the avoidance is unique to each of us; however, what will move our spirits to begin.

We often find that the task is not really so daunting, but we just need to get started and dive right into our project. Let us plunge into the Lambada of doing…and getting it done. DONE is better than PERFECT. Most of the avoidance comes from wanting to do something perfectly because we have been taught that “if it is worth doing, then it is worth doing right!” Really? Yes, that was what had been preached to many of us as children. I can still hear that voice in the back of my head loud and clear.

Often, it is just a matter of getting it done. You can always go back and edit and refine your work. You are not going to please everybody, ever! And, that is great, because we are all different. Viva la difference. Love and live in embracing difference. If each of us were the same, then we would not need each other!

What one does mediocre (in the mind of the doer) is going to be better than anyone else who cannot or will not do it at all. In fact, many will think you are a freaking genius! Yes, there will always be someone better than you. They may or may not be satisfied with your efforts.  So what; it got done! And,  the AVOIDance becomes COMPLETENESS, which will ultimately bring joy and the sense of success. So, what avoiDANCE are you doing? How can  you turn this avoiDANCE into a JOYFUL tango of COMPLETION? (Re-post from February 3, 2012…AVOIDANCE!)


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  1. Dr. Angi,
    You are so RIGHT ON on this one. You cannot please everybody. It reminds me of the story in which the old man and his son end up carrying the mule because someone said it was a shame that the old man rode while the son walked and vice versa. Then they both rode the mule and someone said “poor mule” carrying such a load. YUP, they ended up carrying the mule!!! Thank you for your positive messages. They are indeed inspiring.

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