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Whether you are in the Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere…Fall or Spring, the outdoors are so inviting. The weather has become pleasant and the splendor of color has been phenomenal. As we approach the weekend I hope you will make time to play outdoors.

Give yourself at least fifteen minutes this weekend to pretend you are a child again. Look all about you…up to the sky, in the treetops, the shrubs and flowers…and absorb Nature’s gifts. Her gifts will never disappoint you. You may even catch the sound of a birdsong or two. One of my favorite sensations is the feeling of a gentle breeze across my face.

The outdoors allow us to reconnect with our inner spirit. Mother Nature interacts with our senses, encouraging us to slow down and enjoy the moment. I urge you to take the time to really observe, become fully aware and genuinely appreciate your environment, even if the weather is uncooperative. Rain is a blessing to someone who is bed-ridden and cannot experience outdoors anymore.

I plan to be outdoors more in October and November as the weather permits. And, as I do, I will bring my camera. I will share images of the season, which is Fall for me. Below is an image from my recent walk in some nearby woods. What are your favorite sights of the season?

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  1. Nature is amazing. I especially like the picture of the mushroom (or is it a toadstool?). Thank you for your thought provoking messages.

  2. Great Post Angi and for the first time I am actually feeling a slight very slight change in the season here usually it comes with the dreaded Rainy season but this am on my walk I really felt a difference in the air! Which in turn made me notice subtle colour changes in even the palms!Love the pic at the end I used to have amazing pics of Fungi that I took when I lived and taught on a huge Palm Plantation but alas I lost them all when one of three laptops was stolen including the memory sticks I had in the case! Now I have a big old desk top which no one will bother stealing!I really should comment more but I do read your posts every day and look forward to them! Thanks for being so dedicated!
    Hugs and Love Liz

    • Dearest Liz…I know how AMAZING you are and with everything you have been going through lately I am in awe how you positive you maintain your spirit. I love it when you can post a comment; however, I know that it is not always possible.

      I am delighted that you got a peek of a seasonal change down where you are. I am so sorry that you know longer have your pics; I will be sure to capture more pics of Fungi on my nature walks just for YOU!

      Thank you so very much for reading my articles…it keeps me motivated to write more. Hugs and Love, Angi

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