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Put an End to Deprivation.

It is extremely important that we take care of ourselves. Are we meeting our basic needs of food, exercise, personal hygiene and sleep? For me, I find I may occasionally skip a meal, deprive myself of nighttime sleep and/or skip out on my daily exercise routine. I need to challenge myself to do more to take care of myself.

My intention this week is to really examine areas in my life where I feel deprived. What do I need more and/or less of? What do I really want at this time in my life? Joy and gratitude are a large part of my life;  however, there is a hint of a feeling that I need something more. I believe I am craving a more structure and routine. And, I would like to find a way to create this for myself in such a way that I will stick with it.

As organized as I am in many aspects of my life, there is room for growth. I still feel periods of overwhelm, which can be eliminated through organization, structure and routine. There is so much I want to do and accomplish. And, I wish to do it all without depriving myself of my needs.

I challenge you to do this with me. Let us look at our lives together. What do we need more or less of? I am going to examine my projects and chores, my needs, my time and create a daily/weekly plan. This seems like a great way to start off my week. I will check back with you tomorrow.



Comments on: "Put an End to Deprivation." (2)

  1. Great article of self-examination. I believe that some things are easier to tackle if you schedule the task with a friend. This works well with exercise, such as a 3 or 4 times a week walk of a predetermined distance.

    • Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko said:

      Duly noted….I will start partnering up. 😉 Thank you so much for the suggestion. ♥ Angi

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