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When I see injustice, bullying, negative behaviors, I try to get involved, use loving words and behave kindly in the situation. If I don’t get involved, then I am contributing to the victimization of another sentient being. That would be UNACCEPTABLE! If I am being bullied, I will NOT allow the words to hurt me! Nor, will I lash back with unkindness. When others are unkind to me I either ignore it and pretend I did not hear it; or, I will smile, because I know the bullying behavior is the other person’s issue, not mine. Their current negative state of mind does not have to affect me. I know in my heart that they are better than that.

I have survived bullying much of my life especially in school! It has actually made be more resilient, which I contribute to my loving family. Yes, I have had thoughts in my youth of not wanting to go on in order to avoid the hurt; but, I had such a wonderful support system at home and outside of school with community theater and the performing arts, I had no time to let the hurt fester.

Yes, I wanted so much to be loved and accepted at school. I wanted a boyfriend. I felt awkward and left out at times, but I had so many extracurricular activities and academic endeavors to keep me occupied. I was involved in so much. As an adult, I see that these hurtful experiences were not unique to me. Many of my peers had similar bullying situations in their lives; furthermore, these experiences gave me insight and empathy for others.

Should we condemn bullies. No! We can only disallow the behavior of bullying. Many bullies were bullied! To end bullying, we need to create a loving and kind community, school, and environment that does not support negativity.We need to bring attention to the positive in our lives and environment.

Each of us need to be a role model and set the tone. We need to act kindly and loving to one another. We need to engage others with love and compassion whenever possible. This means, blessing drivers who cut you off in traffic, engaging every person with a smile and kindness even when we have a complaint.

Even in our own homes, when watching television especially if we have children in our households, we need to avoid negative comments; and not call a commentator, a newscaster, a political candidate anything negative aloud. Remember the walls have ears. If we cannot say something positive, constructive or helpful, we need not say anything at all.

When I am in a lower emotional state, this can be hard for me. I know the more I deliberately practice love, kindness and compassion, the easier it is for me to be love for others. I believe we all can work together to make our world more loving and positive; and, the more I stay positive, the more positive I find in the world. Let us all, get INVOLVED, use LOVING WORDS, and be KIND; I have FAITH in you! May love and kindness fill your heart at this moment and inspire you to inspire others.



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  1. Great post on anti-bullying!!! I hope many of your readers will take this message to heart and spread your strategy. It’s a small start but has the potential to be truly “awesome”.

  2. Deepak Chopra said – Not problem can ever be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it… Punishing a bully does nothing but reinforce the behavior. Unless we create an understanding of its true meaning, that it is a reflection of the thoughts and feelings of the perpetrators, then the action will never change…

  3. A few posts, ago, I wrote on this very subject with a different slant involving media’s involvement, and a personality worthy of mention who, continues to promote kindness on a daily basis. If we want love to prevail, it is imperative we understand love’s components beginning with, kindness.

    • I totally agree, Dave. I have been promoting kindness in my work as an anti-bullying expert and educator since 1999; just after Columbine. Although there is still so much to be done; I am delighted to see how far we have come. May love and peace always be in your heart as you continue to inspire. ♥ Angi

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