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Buckled Down; Higher Ground

Between yesterday and today, my family and I have moved things up from the ground level in anticipation of flooding. As you see in the picture, we elevated my dinner table and placed items on top of it. We, also secured all loose items that we had outside. I was thinking, this an interesting metaphor for life as I seek higher levels spiritually.

Furthermore, I have secured my belief in my Lord Jesus Christ and God. I have buckled down all my loose emotions like fear and grounded them in love and joy. How are you moving yourself to a higher level and securing your beliefs?


Comments on: "Buckled Down; Higher Ground" (6)

  1. Be safe, Angela and family! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Thinking of you!

  2. Looks like you did a lot of work to prepare. Here is hoping that the work was done “just in case” and will have been for naught (which is the best outcome possible). As always, best wishes!

  3. silly4ever said:

    I LOVE your metaphor and picture, thank you for the post!!!

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