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Gifts of Love Slideshow

As many of you know I am giving away 100 Gifts of Love, which are hand-painted lunch bags with the intention of spreading love tangibly and inspire others to spread love. I have given away close to forty gifts now. Here is a slideshow/gallery of gifts #31 – 52.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When I give away 20 more, I will post another slideshow. I encourage each of you to join in this campaign by going to HEARTS THAT CARE. I have a gallery of all the bags I have created from 1 to 30. I am adding more to the gallery each week. I have given most of these bags away. When you choose to do the Gift Of Love Campaign, you will be paying LOVE forward by creating your own beautiful work of art on paper lunch bags. I have a poem available on my website for you to include with your hand-painted/crafted bag. This is an opportunity to give others a Gift Of Love, express your kindness, connect with others in a meaningful way, value and appreciate who he or she is, and make his or her day.

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