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Why not bless the stress in your life. Some stress is good as long as it is in moderation. In order to stay tone and fit, we need to add a little stress to our muscles. Varying types of exercise and activity exerts a bit of stress on our muscles. It is healthy.

This same concept can apply to life as well. A little stress in my life reminds me that my life has purpose. I am needed. A moderate amount of stress keeps me creative and productive.  I only get into trouble when I expect too much from myself. I sometimes need to remind myself to do things at a steady pace; and, that life is not a race! Yes, bless the stress. When I reassess the stress and find humor in it; then it no longer affects me in a  negative way. Appreciate the role of stress in your life.

Comments on: "Bless the Stress ~ Feeling Grateful" (5)

  1. Dr. Angi,
    I guess……….if I reassess…………my stress……….I will avoid a mess………..no less.
    Bless your stress!

  2. I love that. And stress is a reminder (generally) that we have responsibility, love, and challenge. Thanks, Angi. ~ Love, Bobbie

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